Global Takaful Awards

Global Takaful Awards 2019 will take place on August 26, 2019 at Istanbul, Turkey

About AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE)

AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics has been most efficient in establishing itself in Islamic Banking & Financial industry. It has twelve years rich history of serving a unique and vital role in the development of Global Takaful over the globe.

AlHuda CIBE mission is to deliver excellent services in the promotion of Islamic Banking & Finance into the masses through Advisory and Consultancy, Education, Research & Product Development, Shariah Advisory and Publications & Events.

AlHuda CIBE focuses to promote Global Takaful worldwide in order to alleviate the poverty and sustaining the Micro-financial institutions. The recognition of AlHuda CIBE in this concern is increasing by leaps & bounds. For further details:

Takaful Consultancy Wing is a proactive service of AlHuda CIBE managed by a team of highly qualified and competent Takaful professionals. Takaful Consultancy Wing provides advisory services in all fields of Takaful including arrangement of familiarization/training sessions, product development, providing FAQ-Response service, advice on setting up new Takaful companies, arranging optimum Takaful coverage for all insurance needs, providing Takaful-specific I.T. software system that can be fully integrated to any insurance company’s existing system and can generate the requisite Contribution & Claims Registers, Accounting System and provide MIS reports.

We can also formulate Takaful-specific Business Plans, carry out market feasibility survey/studies and can provide proper, internationally recognized certification and training to the designated staff.

About Global Takaful Awards

Takaful has the potential to become a strong segment of insurance industry over the globe. Takaful can be a plat form for financial inclusion, however, not just for Muslims but also for non-Muslim population. Takaful could also have a positive impact on insurance penetration overall.

Growth in the Takaful industry in general can be escalated if well planned and targeted awareness campaigns could be run within the country. AlHuda CIBE is committed to impart sound knowledge about Islamic finance around the globe. For this, AlHuda CIBE is going to organize Global Takaful Awards in Turkey. It should play a pivotal role in the capacity building, attracting investors and most importantly develop a robust financial system for a vibrant economy.

Selection Criteria

At the heart of the selection methodology, the comprehensive research undertaken by AlHuda CIBE. There are two ways for nominations are determined. The first is where nominations are accepted from industry players who would like to be considered for a Global Takaful Awards in a particular category. This is the case for “Self Nominations.” The second is where the research team recommends to the Nomination Committee the names of the institutions and individuals, which their research supports for a Global Takaful Awards.

These prestigious awards provide ample opportunities to everyone in the industry to compete by excelling in their respective fields and promoting themselves through media and other means of communication.

Nominations for Global Takaful Awards 2019 will be received in the below given categories.

Award Categories

  1. Best Takaful Company
  2. Best Re-Takaful Company
  3. Best Micro-Takaful Company
  4. Best IT Solution Provider for Takaful Industry
  5. Best Actuary Institution
  6. Best Shariah Scholar from Takaful Industry
  7. Best Shariah Advisory for Takaful
  8. Best Takaful Product
  9. Best Banca-Takaful Product
  10. Best Takaful Industry Contributor
  11. Emerging Personality from Takaful Industry


Each category may have up to five nominations. The nominees’ identities may be kept confidential if the confirmed participating nominees prefer so.

Important Dates/Notes

Dead line for the submission of all documents:

August 05, 2019

Announcement of selected Nominations:

August 10, 2019

Parties interested in sending the nominations or attending the award ceremony is encouraged to email at for further details.