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Introduction to Islamic Leasing
Historical Developments and Global Trends of Islamic Leasing
Introduction to Islamic Leasing Products
Regulatory Framework of Islamic Leasing (Ijarah)
Islamic Leasing– Emerging Opportunity
Islamic Leasing and Financial Inclusion
How Islamic leasing helps financial inclusion
Policy and strategy development for financial inclusion through Islamic leasing
Current trends in Shariah compliant financial inclusion
Islamic Leasing (Ijarah)
Islamic Leasing (Ijarah) and Products
How Islamic Leasing industry can facilitate Islamic financial industry
Innovative products of Islamic Leasing
Investment Opportunities
Investment opportunities on Islamic leasing in the world
Emerging trends of Islamic leasing to promote Islamic Finance industry
How Uzbekistan can play a vital role for the development of Islamic leasing sector in Central Asia
Creation of Shariah compliant investment avenues globally
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One Day Post Event Workshop on Islamic Leasing

15th October, 2019 at Dubai - UAE

A Glance on Islamic Finance
Riba (Interest) and Prohibition of Riba
Types of Riba
Economics Rationale for Prohibition of Riba
Deference between Islamic banking & finance and conventional banking & finance
Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
Introduction and Brief Perspective of Ijarah.
Shari’ah alternative of Conventional Leasing - Ijarah.
Ijarah (Operating Lease) vs. conventional leasing (Financial Leasing)
Types of Ijarah
Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek/ Ijara Wa Iqtina
Ijarah thumma al bai' (hire purchase)
Ijarah mawsoofa bi al dhimma.
Sharia’h compliance of Ijarah
Legal framework & documentations for Ijarah products
Basic feature of Ijarah contract & Its Operational Mechanism
Expenses occurred in Ijarah
Expenses consequent to ownership
Liability of the parties in case of loss to the asset
Penalty for late payment of rent
Securitization of Ijarah
Determination of Rental
Practical aspects & Issues of Ijarah.
Practical Implementation of Ijarah
Ijarah as ideal mode for vehicle, Machinery & Fixed asset Financing
Variable rentals in long term leases
Termination of Lease
Sale and Leaseback
Do’s and Don’ts for Ijarah
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