The region has significant potential for Islamic banking and finance industry in CIS is rather untapped. Islamic banking and its products are likely to be most popular in the CIS countries comprising the highest
concentration of Muslims. Islamic banking is also expected to become attractive in countries with significant population of Muslim business persons. Moving forward, expansion of Islamic banking and finance industry in CIS region is expected to bring the favorable turns in trade progress and business interactions with the Middle East. Islamic banking and finance can potentially play a part in facilitating more trade opportunities between CIS, Middle East and rest of the world with the involvement of more global and Islamic banks of both regions.

The aim of this forum is to explore the untapped market of CIS countries and to adopt the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in Islamic banking and finance industry in the region.

This conference will provide you with practical insights into:

  • Global efforts and achievements in Islamic Banking and Takaful
  • This effective platform will demonstrate the flexibility of Islamic financial markets during the current financial crisis.