2nd CIS – Islamic Banking and finance Forum 2021

21st October, 2021 at Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Islamic Banking and Finance in CIS Region

  • Introduction of Islamic Financial Products/operation in CIS
  • Regulatory Framework of Islamic Banking and Finance in CIS
  • Islamic Banking & Finance emerging Opportunity and Potential in CIS

Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion

  • How Islamic finance helps financial inclusion
  • Policy and strategy development for financial inclusion through Islamic banking
  • Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation
  • Current trends in Shariah compliant financial inclusion

Investment Opportunities in CIS and Uzbekistan

  • How Islamic Finance can attract Foreign Direct Investment in CIS
  • How Uzbekistan can play a vital role for the development of Islamic banking and financial sector in CIS
  • Creation of Shariah compliant investment avenues in Uzbekistan

Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

  • Takaful (Islamic Insurance) and Takaful Models
  • How Takaful industry can facilitate Islamic financial industry in CIS countries
  • Innovative products of general & family Takaful
  • Vastly growing trends of Takaful Industry in CIS countries
  • Takaful management system

Sukuk, Islamic Bond & Islamic Capital Market

  • Introduction of Sukuk in CIS
  • How Sukuk can facilitate Uzbekistan government for country development
  • Asset based financing: A complete risk free solutions for International crises
  • Structuring of Shariah compliant fund

Two-Days Post Event Workshop on Islamic Banking, Takaful & Islamic Microfinance

22nd – 23rd October, 2021 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Shariah Aspects of Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Banking Mode of Financing and their Mechanism
  • Islamic Contract for Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Banking Product Development and Documentation
  • Shariah Governance & Shariah Audit
  • AAOIFI Standards for Islamic Banking and Finance
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals and Islamic Finance
  • Islamic/Shariah FinTech as an Emerging Technology
  • Islamic FinTech- Features, Challenges & Potentials
  • Financial Inclusion, Islamic Finance & FinTech