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Event Speakers
13th - 14th August, 2018 - Zambia
Speaker’s Profile
Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal
Managing Director, AlHuda CIBE FZ LLE – UAE (Islamic Banking Expert)
Muhammad Zubair Mughal is Managing Director of AlHuda CIBE, CEO - Islamic Microfinance Network (IMFN) and Halal Research Council in Pakistan. He has been serving the Islamic Banking and Finance industry for last 12 years with versatility in Islamic Financial Engineering, Modeling, Product Development, Market and Gap Analysis. He is dedicatedly and tirelessly working for the promotion of Islamic Finance through Education, Research, Trainings and Conferences on global canvas. He is also a Chief Editor of a magazine on Islamic Banking and Finance “True Banking” which depicts his strategic vision in Islamic Finance. Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in Islamic Finance. He has served number of public and private sector organizations for Islamic finance advisory and consultancy around the globe.
Qazi Abdul Samad
Shariah Advisor, Bank of Khyber - Pakistan (Islamic Banking Expert)
Qazi Abdul Samad is a skilled professional with proficiency in Islamic Business Law advisory having in-depth knowledge of Islamic Business law and practices. He is innovative, committed & pro-active with strong communications & analytical skills and excellence in management and training. Currently, he is working as an Islamic Business Law advisor of “The bank of Khyber-Pakistan”. He is also a visiting lecturer of Islamic Financial System in Management Science Department of city university, Peshawar. He is an author of many articles and presented these to numerous international conferences. Abdul Samad has attended number of trainings and workshops conducted by NIBAF, IIU Islamabad, Bank of Khyber, Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder & Co and IBP. He is a professional trainer of Islamic finance.
Mufti Aziz ur Rehman
Manager – Sharia and General Secretary to F&SSB (Islamic Banking & Finance Expert)
Mufti Aziz ur Rehman’s academic credentials combined with his extensive professional qualifications and work experience of 24 years have led him to be considered by others as a very rare type of Scholar, one who is able to combine the best of contemporary finance with Islamic Jurisprudential principles. He qualified as a Mufti from Dar Ul Uloom Akora Khattak of Pakistan, specializing in Fiqh Ul Mu’amalaat (with a specialization in Islamic commercial transactions) and authorized to issue religious edicts (Fatwa). He has successfully graduated from AAOIFI’s CSAA & CIPA programs, as well as being a Certified AAOIFI Trainer. His most recent qualification obtained being becoming a Certified Islamic Finance Arbitrator (CIFA). He has authored numerous books and research papers as well as delivering training, and conducting industry leading market research on the prospects of Islamic finance within the UAE and internationally. With a keen aptitude for innovation and learning, he ensure that the highest standards of Shari’ah are maintained wherever his counsel is desire by any Islamic financial institution. He regularly provide multi-discipline services such as consultancy, training and Shari’ah guidance and this makes him a much sought after regular speaker on the Islamic Finance conference circuit, especially at the annual AAOIFI and World Bank Conferences.
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