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Program Agenda
21st - 24th July, 2018 - Emirates Grand Hotel, Dubai - UAE
Contents Training
  • Introduction of Islamic Banking and Finance Industry and Global Overview
  • Introduction of Islamic Financial Products.
  • Type of Products in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Product Development high level Process.
  • New Product Design, Product evaluation, Accounting, Compliance & Technological Enhancement
  • Product Development Process Enhancement
  • Islamic Banking and Shari’ah Compliance: A Product Development Perspective
  • Structuring of Islamic Financial Products for Takaful, Sukuk, Islamic Microfinance, Islamic Capital Market, Islamic Indices etc.
  • Islamic Finance product Innovation.
  • Internal Involvement for New Product for Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Use of Fintech to design innovative advanced Islamic Financial Products.
  • Phases of Product Development.
    • Phase 1: Product Summery by Product Development Dept.
    • Phase 2: Product Concept Document(PCD), Presentation and approval
    • Phase 3: Legal and Shariah Approval
    • Phase 4: Market Research, Survey’s FGD, SWOT Analysis, External and Internal Environmental Screening etc.
    • Phase 5: Designing of SOP’s, Accounting, Compliance & Technological Enhancement, different forms, HR & Credit Policy Evaluation process, Compliance Mechanism etc. 
    • Phase 6: Regulatory Approval (if any), Pilot Testing
    • Phase 7: Trainings, Marketing, sales team development
    • Phase 8: Product Launch ( Sort Launch or Hard Launch )
  • Formulation of Product Level Strategies
  • Nature of planning process for Islamic Financial Product Implementation
  • Product Development Research Process and Checklist.
  • Formulating strategy: SWOT Analysis, The five force model
  • Planning and Implementing Strategy of new products.
  • Product Review & Implementation.
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