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Islamic Finance and Economic Diversification in Africa
The current developments of the Islamic finance in Uganda and Africa
Islamic Financial Institutions and their role in achieving sustainable economic growth
The role of Waqf in development
How Uganda can play a vital role for the development of Islamic banking and financial sector in Africa?
Contemporary Issues in Islamic Finance
Islamic Financial Engineering: Towards finding solutions for commercial investors and addressing social impacts
Takaful insurance and reinsurance
Legal Aspects of Sukuk and Mechanism of Conflicts Resolution
Sukuks and Governmental Developments for infrastructure
Governance of Islamic financial institutions
Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion
How Islamic finance helps financial inclusion
Policy and strategy development for financial inclusion through Islamic banking
Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation
Current trends in Shariah compliant financial inclusion
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
How Takaful industry can facilitate Islamic financial industry in Africa
Vastly growing trends of Takaful Industry in Africa
Takaful management system
Investment Opportunities in Africa and Uganda
Investment opportunities on Islamic banking and Takaful in Africa
Emerging trends of Islamic banking and finance in Africa
Creation of Shariah compliant investment avenues in Uganda
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Riba & Its Prohibition
What is Riba (Interest)? Prohibition of Riba in Islam.
Islamic Finance Industry
Introduction to Islamic Finance.
Overview of Islamic Financial Industry – Worldwide.
Islamic Finance in Worldwide (Potential and future prospects)
Shariah Perspective of Islamic Finance
Mode of Islamic Finance
Basic Rules & Kind of Bai (Trade) in Islamic Banking and Finance.
Musharakah & Diminishing Musharakah
Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
Introduction to Takaful
Structural & Operational details of Takaful,
Legal and regularity framework in Takaful.
Takaful Models
Blockchain and its introduction
Crypto Currencies
Islamic/Shariah FinTech as an Emerging Technology
Islamic FinTech- Features, Challenges & Potentials
Financial Inclusion, Islamic Finance & FinTech
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