A Glance on Islamic Finance

  • Riba (Interest) and Prohibition of Riba
  • Types of Riba
  • Economics Rationale for Prohibition of Riba
  • Deference between Islamic banking & finance and conventional banking & finance

Partnership Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance
(Mudarabah & Musharakah)

  • The basic rules and Features of Mudarabah
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Mudarabah


  • The basic rules and Features of Musharakah.
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Musharakah.

Diminishing Musharakah

  • Determine the Rental in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Unit Sale mechanism in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Diminishing Musharakah as Ideal product for Islamic Housing Finance.

Trade Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Murabahah,
Musawamah, Salam & Istisna)

  • Basic Features of Murabahah
  • Murabahah as financing mode
  • Stages involve in Murabaha Transaction.
  • Shariah compliance & legal documentation of Murabaha contract.
  • Murabahah in International Practical aspects & issues of Murabahah

Salam & Istisna

  • Basics of Bai Istisna & Bai Istisna
  • Difference between Salam & Istisna
  • Practical implementation of Salam & Istisna.

Rental Based Modes of Islamic Banking & Finance (Ijarah)

  • Introduction and Brief Perspective of Ijarah.
  • Sharia’h alternative of Conventional Leasing – Ijarah.
  • Ijarah (Operating Lease) vs. conventional leasing (Financial Leasing)
  • Legal framework & documentations for ijarah products Basic feature of Ijarah contract & Its Operational Mechanism