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Program Agenda
October 09 - 10, 2018 Marawi - Philippines
Contents Training
Riba & Its Prohibition
  • What is Riba (Interest)? Prohibition of Riba in Islam.
  • Types of Riba
    • Riba tul Nissayah
    • Riba tul Fadle
    • Riba in Modern Banking and Finance.
Islamic Economics
  • Introduction to Islamic Economics System.
  • Land, Labor, Wages and Entrepreneur Laws in Islamic Economics.
  • Comparison of Islamic Economic System with Socialism & Capitalism.  
Islamic Banking and Finance Industry
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Overview of Islamic Banking and Financial Industry – Worldwide.
  • Islamic Banking and Finance (Potential and future prospects)
  • Islamic Banking Products
  • Shariah Perspective of Islamic Banking and Finance 
Risk Management in Islam Banking & Finance
  • Introduction of Risk and Its Management.
    • Concept of Risk and Its Type
    • Use of Derivative, Future, Hedging & Swaps Instruments.
    • Islamic Perspective for Risk Management
    • Fundamentals of risk Management in Islam.
Islamic Microfinance
  • Incidence of Poverty and Low Economic opportunity
  • Conceptual Framework of Islamic Microfinance
  • Islamic Microfinance Characteristics
  • Sustainability outreach and Problems pertaining to microfinance system
Microfinance & its Product Mechanism
  • Islamic Microfinance as effective tool of poverty alleviation
  • Islamic Micro Financial Products mechanisms & Compatibility with Conventional Microfinance Products
  • Trade Based Modes of Islamic Microfinance (Murabaha, Salam, Istina etc.)
  • Mechanism of Trade Based Product (Murabaha, Salam & Istina)
Islamic Microfinance Products
  • Partnership based of Islamic Microfinance (Mudarabah & Musharakah)
  • Rental Based Mechanism/Products of Islamic Microfinance (Ijarah& Diminishing Musharakah)
  • Application of Partnership & Rental based modes in Islamic Microfinance
Different Models & Deposit Management in Islamic Microfinance
  • Definitions, Concepts & Uses of Waqf, Qarz-e- Hassan, Cooperatives & Zakat in Islamic Microfinance system
  • Liability (Deposit) Management Techniques for Islamic Microfinance
  • Development of Islamic Microfinance in Pakistan
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