Islamic Microfinance
An incredible tool for poverty alleviation
November 8-9, 2016 Nairobi, Kenya
2 days, 10 Sessions, 40+ Speakers
8th- 9th November – 2016

Two Days Post Event Workshop
How to Develop, Operate and Sustain Islamic Microfinance Institutions
10th – 11th , November – 2016
Technical Session I: Current status and future potential
  • Islamic Microfinance – Global Scenario & Development
  • New Frontiers of Islamic Microfinance
  • Shariah principles, Operational Mechanism and Marketing Strategies of Islamic Microfinance
  • Innovation, impact and future potential of Islamic Microfinance
  • Technological Intervention, Crowd Funding & Mobile vollet – An Energetic boost for the Industry.

Technical Session II – Islamic Agriculture & Rural Finance
  • How Islamic Microfinance can facilitate the Rural Finance ?
  • Islamic Agricultural Finance – An Ideal Mechanism to fulfill the all crop/farmer needs.
  • Salaam & other Hybrid Products for Agri. & Rural Finance
  • MicroTakaful: As an effective tool for poverty reduction in rural area’s.

Technical Session III: Qard-e-Hasn Model of Islamic Microfinance
  • Akhuwat model adding new dimensions in Microfinance salient features
  • Linking Microfinance with business community
  • Replicating Qarz-e-Hasn Model – Challenges & Benefits
  • Impact assessment – A Case study

Technical Session IV – Role of Technology for the development of Islamic Microfinance
  • Integration of Mobile/Branchless banking with Islamic Microfinance
  • Mobile Vollet / Cash less Transaction – A revolutionary Development in Islamic Microfinance Industry.
  • Empowering Islamic Microfinance by fulfilling social and development expectations
  • IT solutions to strengthen Islamic Microfinance Industry
  • Youth Development and Vocational Literacy programs through Islamic Microfinance

Technical Session V: Power Table - Panel Discussion I: An interaction with Donor & Funding Agencies
  • Funding challenges of Islamic microfinance institutions
  • How to fund Islamic microfinance institutions
  • Role of Funding Agencies for the development of industry
  • Issues, opportunities & way forward

Technical Session VI: Power Table – Panel Discussion II: Challenges and opportunities of Islamic Microfinance Industry:
  • What are the barriers of adopting Islamic Microfinance globally and how to resolve them?
  • Initiatives needed in designing a framework for policy making for the expansion of Islamic Microfinance
  • Bottlenecks in the strategies which constraint the growth of Islamic Microfinance
  • Donors reluctance towards Islamic Microfinance: Causes and solutions

Two Days post Event Workshop on
"How to Develop, Operate and Sustain Islamic Microfinance Institutions"
10th – 11th November 2016

Shariah Principles and their Application in Microfinance
  • Conceptual Framework of Islamic Microfinance
  • Islamic principles of Micro financing needed to adhere when operating under Shariah law
  • Compatibility of Microfinance models with Islamic Microfinance
  • Islamic Microfinance as an effective tool for sustainable development.

Exploring the Islamic Microfinance Products: Murabaha, Salam, Istisna, Diminishing Mudarabahah, Musharakah and Ijarah
  • Murabaha as an ideal financing mode in Micro/Rural finance sector
  • Salam: Its mechanism and practical implicaations for Microfinance Sector
  • Istisna: Shariah ruling and its compliance with standards
  • Ijarah: As an alternative to conventional Micro leasing
  • Diminishing Musharaka, a Shariah Compliant Instrument for Micro Housing Finance.
  • Deposit management techniques for Islamic Microfinance Banks/Institutions.

(Modarabah & Musharaka)

Use of Zakah and Establishment of Waqf for Building up the Islamic Microfinance Institutions
  • Use of Zakah, Waqf and Co-operative models in Islamic Microfinance.
  • Utilization of the concept of Waqf for the development and strengthening of Islamic Microfinance
  • Extending the product line and product development in Islamic microfinance

Innovation, development & opportunities in Islamic Microfinance
  • Modernization in Microfinance alternative delivery channels
  • Role of I.T for the development of Islamic Microfinance
  • Need of product diversification in Islamic Microfinance
  • Product innovation and product mix of Islamic Microfinance
  • Donors unwillingness towards Islamic Microfinance: Causes and Solutions

Marketing Strategies for Islamic Microfinance
  • How to market Islamic Microfinance products?
  • How to ensure that your products are authentic in Islam and how to convince your clients?
  • Is Islamic Microfinance only for Muslims? A big misconception
  • Effective donor strategies to support Islamic Microfinance

Islamic Insurance (Micro Takaful) & Risk Management Techniques in Islamic Microfinance
  • Islamic Insurance (Micro Takaful), an effective tool for sustainable development
  • Risk management techniques for Islamic Microfinance
  • Banca Takaful Channelize the Micro Takaful Products with Islamic Microfinance Institution
  • Case Studies
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