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Note: Following presentations have been collected from different sources and placed here for promoting and backing up the cause of Islamic Banking and Finance. You are also invited to Share/Contribute your Research & Development works to strengthen this cause. (email us:
    An Overview of REITs by Dr. anthonoy  
    An Overview of REITs in UK  
    Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust  
    Corporate Bonds with Sukuk by Naim Farooqui  
    Equity Reits by Mahmoud EL Gamal  
    Guidelines for Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust  
    International Islamic Finance by Alberto  
    Islamic Cost of Capital by Jilal Alvi  
    Islamic Mortgages in the US by AbuBakar Thomson  
    Islamic Real estate investment trust  
    Islamic Reits and Opertunities in Middle East  
    Islamic REITs By Ijlal Alvi  
    Islmic Riets - Legal Issues by Saiful Azhar  
    Legal Issues in Islamic Reits Muhammad Ismail  
    Potential and Prospects of Islamic Real Estate Investment Tr  
    Reits By Imran Usmani  
    REITs by Mian Mohammed Nazir  
    REITs by Muhammad Shoiab  
    REITS by Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi  
    REITs In Canada  
    REITs Model by Staphen Hester  
    REITs Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi  
    Riets - Prospects in Asia by Zaghum Muhammad Rizvi  
    Riets - Prospects in Asia  
    RIETs International Allocation Views  
    Structure of Islamic REITs by Muhammad Mahmud Awan  
    UK Real Estate Investment Trust An overview  
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