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Note: Following presentations have been collected from different sources and placed here for promoting and backing up the cause of Islamic Banking and Finance. You are also invited to Share/Contribute your Research & Development works to strengthen this cause. (email us:
    Airline Sukuk by Robert Fugard  
    Case Studies on Sukuk by Muhammad Haris  
    Challenges of Islamic Financial Market by Jalil Alvi  
    Challenges to Making Sukuk Sharia Compalience by Dr. M. Anas  
    Composition of global REITs by Muhammad Shoiab  
    Conv. VS Islamic Bond by Dr. Mohd. Ma’sum Billah  
    Corporate Sukuk Issuance by Muhammad Arif  
    Global Standard for Sukuk Ijlal Alvi  
    Global Sukuk Market, Advantages and Future  
    Guarantee of Capital in Sukuk Inssunce by Dr. Eltigani A. Ah  
    Islamic Interbank Market & Sukuk by Masood Ajazi  
    Islamic Liquidity Management Alternatives by Ali Ahmed Sidd  
    Islamic Money Market & Importance of Liquid Sukuk by Humayon  
    Istisna as Mode of Finance  
    Istisna Ijarah Sukuk Structure  
    Itn. Islamic Finance Symposium  
    Legal Risks for Islamic Industry  
    Mutal Funds Market in Pakistan  
    Nakhel Sukuk by Qadeer Latif  
    Over View of World Sukuk  
    Pakistani Islamic Interbank Market by Syed Tariq Hussain  
    Potential and Prospects of Islamic Real Estate Investment Tr  
    Present Trends and future propectus of Sukuk  
    Re-engineering of Structural & issuance procedures of Sukuk  
    Regulatory Frame Work & Development of Sukuk  
    Review on Several Sukuk Products by Ijlal Alvi  
    Securitization by Muhammad Imran Usmani  
    Sharia Guideline for Sukuk Hassan Kaleem  
    Shariah Guidlins for Sukuk by Fazan  
    Short term sukuk and liquidity management by John weguelin  
    SPV Structure in Sukuk by Ahmed Adil  
    Structure of Islamic REITs by Dr. Muhammad Mahmud awan  
    Structuring and investing in Sukuk by Prof. Rodney Wilson  
    Sukuk - A case study microfinance sector by Salman Syed Ali  
    Sukuk by Hamad Rasool  
    sukuk Al Intifa by Fuad Hamed  
    Sukuk al Istisna Case Study  
    Sukuk and Basel II Ahmed Adil  
    Sukuk By Ijlal Alvi  
    Sukuk for Real Estate  
    RSukuk Issuance - Sharia prespectives by Muhammad Talha  
    Sukuk Prospact in Indonesia Muhammad Hanif  
    Sukuk Regulations in Pakistan by Sabghatullah  
    Sukuk under Diminshing Musharka  
    sukuk worldwide by Zubair Mughal  
    Sukuks Deveolpment and Challenges by Ijlal Alvi  
    The State of Islamic Capital Markets and Future Prospects by  
    Wapda Sukuk in Pakistan  
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