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Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
Note: Following presentations have been collected from different sources and placed here for promoting and backing up the cause of Islamic Banking and Finance. You are also invited to Share/Contribute your Research & Development works to strengthen this cause. (email us:
    A Review of Takaful by Prof. Khawaja Ahmed Saeed  
    Best Practices from e- Insurance to e-Takaful by Sami Guello  
    Islamic Finance & Investment Symposium by Sohail Jaffar  
    Issues and Challenges in Retakaful by Azman Ismail  
    Models of Takaful  
    Regulatory Frame Work of Takaful in Pakistan by Shoaib Soofi  
    Regulatory FrameWork of Takaful in Pakistan by Shoiab Soofi  
    Syariah Compliant General Takaful Products by Sami Guellouz  
    Takaful an Emerging Market by Capt. M. Jamil Akhtar  
    Takaful and Micro Insurance  
    Takaful and Poverty IIBI  
    Takaful by A.Rahman Tolefat Langkawi  
    Takaful by Abdul Rahim  
    Takaful by Capt. M. Jamil Akhtar  
    Takaful in Malaysia By Bakarudin Ishak  
    Takaful Opperunities and Challenges By Azeem Pirani  
    Takaful World Prospective  
    Takful - Zubair Mughal  
    Technical Aspects of Takaful By Azman Ismail  
    The World of Takaful by Dr. S.J Malaikah  
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