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True Banking Magazine

True Banking is a bi-monthly magazine, which mirrors the knowledge of Islamic finance & banking in all its activities: research development, market analysis, training and advancements. The prime drive of True Banking is to create awareness of Islamic banking and finance in the masses and to make a platform of delivering latest news regarding innovation, national and international banking & finance industry. It’s one of our landmarks, to contribute towards developing and promoting Shariah Compliance standards in financial industry globally.


Halal Research Council

Halal Research Council (HRC) is working globally on Halal certification, Education, Trainings & publications in order to create the awareness of Halal Industry in Muslim and non-Muslim communities evenly. Our services are carefully designed under strict Shariah supervision and every product of us is reviewed and approved by highly renowned Shariah scholars. We provide Halal Certification Services, Advisory and Consultancy, Education through distance learning programs, Training & Awareness and offer Research and Development services as well.


Centre of Excellence in Islamic Microfinance (CEIMF)

Center of Excellence in Islamic Microfinance (CEIMF) facilitates and strengthens the Islamic Microfinance Industry to create a sound economic and social growth. The prime purpose of CEIMF is to fortify the Microfinance sector through Islamic Product development, advisory, research, capacity building and provision of Technical & Shariah expertise, so that Micro finance institutions (MFIs) could provide a platform of providing strong and empowered financial inclusion activities to masses. CEIMF has completed 15 microfinance assignments in 12 countries from its establishment.


Takaful Consultancy Wing

Takaful Consultancy Wing is a proactive service of AlHuda CIBE managed by a team of highly qualified and competent Takaful professionals. Takaful Consultancy Wing provides advisory services in all fields of Takaful including: conducting training sessions, product development, providing FAQ-Response service, in establishment of new Takaful companies, arranging optimum Takaful coverage for all insurance needs and providing Takaful-specific I.T. software system. That can be fully integrated to any insurance company's existing system and can generate the requisite Contribution & Claims Registers, Accounting System and provide MIS reports. We also provide services in following fields; Takaful-specific Business Plans, conduct market feasibility study & research and international certifications to our clients.


Sukuk Research Portal

Sukuk Research Portal is a unique platform, to access latest information on Sukuk. It provides the latest news, updates and articles on Sukuk operations globally. In Sukuk Research, we provide Sukuk structuring, Sukuk industrial advisory, trainings & Shariah advisory. We also offer internationally recognized certifications and trainings to our clients.


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