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AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion inaugurated in UAE
AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion inaugurated in UAE

AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion has taken initiative to bring this concept from high street to streets: Zubair Mughal

(June 03, 2021 - Dubai): AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics alongside with Halal Research Council established AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion, which is inaugurated yesterday in Dubai - UAE. Modest Fashion is a mode of fashion in which non adherent and non-transparent clothes cover a large part of the body respecting the religious norms and values. The Modest Fashion sector is growing rapidly with 5.1% year on year growth. Nowadays, the world modest fashion market is estimated to be more than $322 billion & expected to reach $405 billion by 2024. There is significant potential for Modest Fashion to take a much larger slice of the $2.5 trillion global apparel market.

Centre of Modest Fashion Designing will be acting as a think tank to give the vision of globalizing the concept of modest fashion beyond the religious misconceptions and to initiate a product line in the respective field. We will provide consultancy services to fashion brands, research & development, capacity building, training, events and publications.

Mr. Ihsan Ovut - Secretary General of SMIIC - OIC, shared his wisdom with the audience stating that a new term and trend of Modest Fashion has evolved into becoming a mainstream fashion adaptable by the majority of women customers worldwide. Explaining the morals involved in modest fashion, he drew attention towards the halal aspect of Islamic clothing and how the principle value is allocated to observance of Shariah.

Mr. Zubair Mughal - CEO AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion expressed his views, he mentioned that Modesty is always beautiful and beauty of soul is wrapped in modest fashion. He further stated that AlHuda Modest Fashion will be looking to bridge the gap between high and low end fashion gaps, but befitting of the Muslim criterion for clothing. Muslims from different regions and cultures of the world share the same religious ethics, and AlHuda Modest Fashion seeks to provide modest fashion to the Muslim community. AlHuda will be looking to target the youth as well.

Ms. Franka Soeria -Modest fashion expert and Co-Founder Markamarie, also addressed the event stating: Modest fashion is for everyone, especially Muslims. We do not want Modest Fashion to be a mere trend, booming once, and then losing its value quickly. Many modern businesses are putting themselves at risk and finding strategies for modest fashion.

It is to be noted that AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion is joint initiative of AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (AlHuda CIBE) & Halal Research Council. AlHuda CIBE working for the development of Islamic Banking & Halal Industry Since 2005 which have their presence in Asia, Europe, Africa & Middle East Markets, for further information about AlHuda CIBE –UAE :

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