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Global Modest Fashion Forum will be organized on 15th July 2021
Global Modest Fashion Forum will be organized on 15th July 2021

The Forum will be organized by AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion – UAE

(July 13, 2021 (Dubai)): The Modest Fashion Industry is growing rapidly and gaining popularity globally. It has reached an impressive annual volume of US $322 billion. The consumer market for this industry is the 1.8 billion Muslims residing across the globe. Recently, the Non-Muslim community has begun to appreciate and adorn modest fashion apparel as well.

Modest Fashion is a blooming avenue in the fashion world internationally. AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion (CMF) is a UAE-based think tank that is providing advisory, R&D, consultancy, capacity building, and related services for modest fashion for the promotion of modest fashion across the world. The Modest Fashion Forum being organized by AlHuda CMF is an effort by AlHuda CMF to highlight Modest Fashion and all its far-reaching socio-economic and religious aspects.

The Forum will feature Speakers from various parts of the world. The Chief Guest of the Forum is Mr. Ihsan Ovut, Secretary-General - The Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC). The speakers are Aisha Nancy Novakovich, Chair – Roots TV and Founder of Modest Fashion Australia and will be speaking on the topic “Modest Fashion and its Global Growth”. Joean “Iman” Montayre, Modest Fashion Advocate and Director of MFDA who will be sharing her views on “Future of Fashion and why virtual fashion shows are relevant in our current times”, Dilyara Sadrieva, Co-Founder Modest Fashion Russia and Director of Modest Fashion Council Russia and CIS who will speak on “Modest Fashion Culture on Russia and CIS, Adeosun Rukayat, who will provide insight into the “Role of religion in consumer behavior”. She is the founder of Pearls by Ray. Roshan Isaacs, MD/Editor Style Africa, will be expressing her opinion on “The resurgence of Modest Fashion: Why Now”. Hajra Khan, Ethical Fashion Consultant at Torino Fashion Match also serving in the capacity of Journalist & Presenter at Islam Channel will be discussing “Sustainable Modest Fashion and its impact on the global Islamic Economy”. Farida Efendi, Director for Council of Modest Fashion Azerbaijan and the Creator and Founder of Hijab Queens brand and HQS Events will be imparting valuable knowledge on “Modest Fashion- Confident and comfortable. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, CEO AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion will also address the Forum and highlight the role CMF aims to play in promoting Modesty. Ozlem Sahin Ertas, Managing Partner – Modest Fashion Weeks and Co-Founder of will be sharing from her rich industry experience on “Beyond the Limits, Global & Digital Thinking on Modest Fashion”. Meenu Prasad, Fashion Educationist Principal-Instituto di Moda Burgo Qatar shall address be addressing the topic “Realizing Modest Fashion Trends 2021 (spring-summer or summer)”. Modest Fashion trends and apparel are winning public opinion and are being adopted by both Muslims and non-Muslims on a global scale, said Muhammad Zubair Mughal, CEO - AlHuda CMF. He went on to further enunciate that dress codes in Islam and many other religions align in objective and rulings over them. Islamic Finance, Halal Research, and other allied components have been developed dedicatedly, but Modest Fashion is a missing component that has not been the focus of most enterprises and AlHuda CMF shall endeavor to fill this gap, awakening this sleeping attribute and breathing new life into this industry, he stated expounding the rhetoric behind AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion.

The event will aim dedicatedly to raise awareness among and promote this industry in professional and industrial circles and bring together individuals of diverse backgrounds and careers together to highlight this avenue. The Forum will be held virtually on the 15th July, 2021 at 03:00pm UAE Time and is expected to see a large attendance worldwide.

About AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion:
AlHuda Center of Modest Fashion has been operating internationally since 2019. It is a sister concern of AlHuda CIBE and Halal Research Council. Our aim is to globalize the idea of humble style past strict confusions. We are providing a wide scope of services that incorporate Education and Capacity Building, Advisory and Consultancy, Research and Development, Publications, and Events. Through the foundation of AlHuda CIBE, we are well-perceived more than 100 nations globally. For the further information about AlHuda Centre of Modest Fashion, please click:

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