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Discussion over contemporary issues of Halal food and their solutions – Organized by Halal Research Council

Islam clarified the rights of animals along with human rights about 1400 years ago.

Lahore (PR) A special sitting was arranged by Halal Research Council to discuss the latest issues of Halal food and how we can overcome them. Prof. Dr. Javaid Aziz Awan, Prof. Dr. Sohaib, Mufti Muhammad Ahsan Zafar, Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Mufti Raees Ahmed and Mr. Ghulam Murtaza attended the session. Speakers stressed upon the fact that the rules made for the Halal food industry in Pakistan are not entirely followed. On the contrary, in the Western world, to save animals from severe pain, they are first made unconscious and then slaughtered. But in our religion Islam it is prohibited. It is also not allowed in the rules and regulations of Pakistan. The common man is also not much aware of Halal food. For this, Pakistani media should play its role. Dr. Javaid Aziz Awan of Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America(IFINCA) saidthat the trend of making the animals unconscious started in the 18th century although Islam clarified the rights of animals 1400 years ago.

Americans and Europeans did not implement the human rights completely, how are they going to put in practice the rights of animals. Mufti Muhammad Ahsan Zafar of South Africa National Halal Authority (SANHA)said that in our society, the latest method of mechanical slaughtering in prohibited. While making the rules, PSQCA included individuals from all religious school of thoughts. Likewise in Pakistan, it’s not allowed to make the animals unconscious before slaughtering.As Halal testing is one of the most expensive methods, the Government should feel the responsibility and must rectify it. Muhammad Zubair Mughal of AlHuda expressed his thoughts saying that we can get more benefit from CPEC (46 Billion dollar Agreement between Pakistan and China) if we build a “Halal Economic Zone” along with this route. According to the forecast, in 2025, China will transfer its exports to the food industry and will invest only on 10 percent of the remaining exports. This is the reason why it wants to use its global food plan along with CPEC to make the maximum foreign exchange. Pakistan should get the maximum benefit by making Halal economic zones in adjacent areas of CPEC, and by introducing Halal food on internationally. Pakistan can gain utmost advantage from this agreement.

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