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Various Opportunities Available For the Promotion of Halal Tourism in Pakistan: Zubair Mughal
Various Opportunities Available For the Promotion of Halal Tourism in Pakistan: Zubair Mughal

Global Halal Tourism Volume Will Reach To 222 Billion Dollars by 2020 As It Is Rapidly Developing In Muslim and Non Muslim Countries.

(April 02, 2018 (Lahore): Halal tourism is rapidly growing all over the world and facilitating the Muslim and non muslims on the Islamic principles. Halal Tourism volume will reach To 222 billion dollars by 2020. It was said by Mr. Muh. Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council during his speech at World Halal Summit 2018 at Manila – Philippines. The summit was organized by Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Philippines. More than 500 delegates participated in the event from all over the world.

While talking to the opening session of the summit, Mr. Muh. Zubair Mughal said that tourism is the 4th largest industry in the world. There are various departments rapidly growing within the tourism industry i.e. Medical tourism, religious tourism, Agricultural, social and educational tourism. Above all, Halal tourism is the industry which is most rapidly increasing all over the world. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) tourism industry is growing 4% per annum. Various other statistics forecast more than the above annual increase in the sector. Therefore, Halal tourism consists of 12% within the total Halal industry and Malaysia, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia and Thailand are categorically on top five countries. Non muslim countries are also working hard on their Tourist infrastructure to come into and to excel into Halal tourism market. Singapore, Thailand, UK, South Africa and Japan are on the top of the list.

He further added that in order to promote Halal industry the facilities are important like Halal hotels, food of the airlines, Halal tourism operators, Halal food in hotels, Mosques in the hotels, separate swimming pools for males and females etc. He said that Halal tourism is facing a few challenges i.e. Islam phobia in non Muslim countries, non availability of Islamic economic system, unavailability of international standards for halal tourism and infrastructure and enabling environment.

While talking at the summit, he added that there are ample opportunities available for the growth of halal tourism in Pakistan. There is full fledge Halal infrastructure available and ample natural beauty in the country. He said that tourism is rapidly increasing in Pakistan where 965,498 international tourists visited in 2016 to explore the country. And the number of tourists increased to 1,750000 in 2017 the figure is 80% more than the previous year. Halal tourism can further increase the figure.

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